For more than thirty years, Janet Hoffman – a top-rated criminal defense attorney in Portland, Oregon – has successfully represented a wide range of clients including individuals, lawyers, law firms, elected officials, municipal corporations as well as local, national and multi-national corporations.  We advocate for our clients with disciplined and determined passion and we are widely recognized for the quality and effectiveness of our work.  Janet Hoffman & Associates is committed to working to obtain the best possible result.

As a measure of our untold success, we have often succeeded in preventing the filing of criminal charges altogether and we have also succeeded in advocating for dismissal of charges once filed.

Ms. Hoffman leads a team of smart and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys with diverse expertise.  For example, we have significant experience handling a variety of complex white-collar matters, including matters involving allegations of environmental crimes, violations of the False Claims Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, federal and state antitrust laws, bribery, and political corruption.  We also represent individuals, corporations and municipalities in various civil and administrative investigations and proceedings brought by the SEC, the EPA or their state counterparts.

Janet Hoffman & Associates can also help clients conduct proper internal corporate audits or investigations and develop comprehensive regulatory compliance programs.  We are skilled in providing business counseling and guidance to ensure that business operations meet the complex and at times confounding regulatory systems.

Additionally, the firm routinely defends individuals against allegations of sex crimes, other violent offenses, drug offenses, and theft and property crimes, and has achieved favorable outcomes even before indictment.

We encourage you to review our Practice Areas pages for more examples of the stellar advocacy work that defines our firm.

Janet Hoffman & Associates LLC is a criminal defense law firm representing individuals and corporations in a wide range of complex criminal matters including: