Corporate clients often retain Janet Hoffman & Associates LLC to conduct sensitive and discreet internal investigations aimed at uncovering or resolving allegations of misconduct. Knowledge or suspicion of criminal conduct within an organization may surface before or after the government commences an investigation. The existence of grand jury subpoenas; the simple allegations of employees, customers, or competitors, or the findings of a compliance or internal audit may point to criminal conduct within an organization. In such cases, a candid and complete assessment of the scope and nature of the conduct and careful consideration of self-disclosure of wrongdoing to the government are essential to limit the organization’s criminal exposure.

Corporate clients have engaged our firm to conduct independent internal investigations to investigate allegations of accounting fraud, customs violations, environmental crimes, and financial improprieties. Our investigations give our clients the tools to understand what has taken place and to take appropriate action. We advise the client if and when criminal conduct should be disclosed, provide counsel regarding potential disciplinary action against the responsible party, and determine whether to preserve or waive the attorney-client privilege with respect to the matters investigated. We also assist our clients when it comes to conducting interviews of management and employees by (i) determining who to interview, (ii) deciding how to treat whistleblowers and cooperating witnesses, (iii) documenting and reporting on the results of the investigation, and (iv) implementing measures to prevent recurrence of any wrongful conduct.