Janet Hoffman & Associates LLC has extensive experience defending clients against allegations of serious violent crimes, including assault, armed robbery, unlawful use of weapons, homicide, and murder.

The stakes for the accused in these cases have increased dramatically since 1994, when Oregon voters passed Ballot Measure 11. That measure imposed lengthy mandatory prison terms for sixteen designated violent crimes and sex crimes (five additional offenses were subsequently added) and provided for mandatory waiver of youthful offenders to adult court. Mandatory sentences range from 70 months for second degree assault, kidnapping, robbery, and certain sex offenses to 300 months for murder. An individual’s prior criminal history and the lack of a criminal history are irrelevant to the issue of mandatory minimum sentences, which are the same for all offenders. Juveniles aged 15 years or older are also subject to the measure.

More than ever, clients charged with violent crimes in Oregon need a lawyer who is firmly committed to conducting a thorough investigation, is prepared to engage in creative and determined motions practice, and is willing to take the case to a winning verdict.  Janet Hoffman & Associates LLC has a long and proven history of success in each of these areas.