Over the past decade the penalties associated with state and federal sex offenses, which include, production and possession of child pornography, sexual assaults and rapes, prostitution, solicitation, and similar offenses, have increased dramatically. During that same period law enforcement’s focus on sex crimes has also increased. Conviction on a sex crime charge may result in substantial prison time followed by a lifetime of sexual offender registration, public humiliation, professional censure, restrictions on locations in which to live, and social ostracism.

Janet Hoffman & Associates LLC has a team of experienced criminal defense lawyers. We have extensive experience representing clients in these matters.  Our attorneys present a strong defense by developing a thorough understanding of the facts, enlisting the assistance of medical experts to review medical records, and using experienced investigators to interview witnesses to uncover and understand the accuser’s possible motivations. We have often succeeded in resolving these matters discreetly and with a minimum of public attention.