Janet Hoffman & Associates LLC has advised clients on the development, implementation, and operation of compliance and business ethics programs designed to detect and prevent violations of law. An effective compliance program is an essential component of any modern company, both to avoid violations of the law and to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to lawful and ethical business practices. In the event that unlawful conduct is discovered, the existence of a robust compliance program can help the company avoid prosecution or mitigate any penalty that may be imposed.

Our attorneys aim to ensure that clients have comprehensive programs in place to guide them and their employees in conducting business in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements particular to their industries. We work closely with our clients to design and tailor compliance programs to meet each client’s business requirements, taking into account the existing organizational and management structures, culture and needs. Among other features, our compliance programs typically address codes of conduct; employee training and education; compliance officer selection and compliance committee structure; monitoring and auditing procedures; internal reporting of potentially illegal conduct; policies and procedures for disciplinary and other corrective actions; and make provisions for board and management oversight.